About Sophie

Hello – my name is Sophie Mahir (The Artist Blogger).

Right now I’ve come full circle in my career. From my first business at just 18, to Art Teacher, Artist, Business Coach & Trainer, Online Business Owner, Blogger and professional Artist again.

“I help fellow Artists to gain the confidence to market themselves successfully online. From building simple blog sites like this one, to setting up and managing their Social Media profiles. As well as everything you need in setting up as a professional profitable Artist.”

This time around I have put all my skills together and am 100% living my dream lifestyle. By using the ‘blogging’ business model I have set myself free to live and ‘work’ from anywhere in the world that has a wifi connection and painting space. So that is exactly what I am now doing from Europe, to Asia, Indonesia and Australia.

Sophie Mahir | The Artist BloggerI also blog over at: www.sophiemahir.com where I share not just my Digital Nomad travel lifestyle, but also how to live as a Raw Vegan.

I have two incredible independent grown up daughters, a wonderful man, and I aim to live most of my year having ‘summer’ with hot sunshiny days. Bliss.

But life wasn’t always like that.

25 years ago I was a penniless single parent, with a pretty limited and negative outlook on life. You can read my FULL STORY HERE on my Sophie Mahir Personal Brand site.

Over the last three years though, I decided to take a Big Life Leap. That’s what I call it when you do crazy things like selling your house, most of your belongs, storing what’s left, and travelling the world living out of a 20K suitcase. The next BLL was turning my business upside down, from 100% business coaching to setting up painting again (with no clue where the income would come from whilst doing this) and creating The Artist Blogger to support other artists to promote themselves online.

Mostly I find that we are held back by fear. Fear of failure, or fear of success, or fear of what others might think about what we are doing.

When you can conquer these fears, then the world really is your oyster. Or in my case ‘apple’… 🙂

Today I am totally blessed with my life and remember to be grateful every day.

Please look around my site and grab your Free Artists Guide: 21 Ways To Make Money From Your Art.

Here’s to your creative success.

Sophie Mahir