20 Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Art Blog – Part 1

As a professional artist or creator one of the biggest challenges you have is exactly how to get more traffic to your art blog. (See my previous article:5 Simple Steps To Start Getting Traffic To Your Art Blog’). Most artists simply add their new artwork to their website, then sit back and wait for the phone to ring, or emails to come in. Surely this will be enough to make the sales happen?

Unfortunately not, you will need to put a good amount of time, energy and effort to direct people to your site. It’s not a case of “post and they will come”.

Most of the 20 ways to get more traffic to your art blog involve tedious hours on the computer, and in most cases this is why it doesn’t get done. Who wants to spend hours typing away (sort of like I am doing this morning…)? When you could be painting or creating?

The answer should be: You do. ☺ This list of activity is not dissimilar to the blog on List Building (this is where your focus is on encouraging people to sign up to your email list, so you can stay in touch that way). Remember you don’t need a website to build a customer list either.

Here your focus is purely on sending people to your website. From there to go direct to your artwork, gallery page, or wherever else you’d like them to look. These are some general activities you can undertake to get your numbers up.

20 Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Art Blog – Part 1

20 Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Art Blog:

The first thing you really want to think about is ‘content creation’. This is all about you sharing your expertise, art journey, or mission. You do this through creating larger pieces of content like blogs, videos, e-book or even mini training courses. Then ‘micro content’ which is short pieces such as Social Media postings. So think about what you can share and then choose some of these strategies to deliver through.

1. Blog Regularly.

This might sound obvious but actually creating regular high quality content takes time. For example it now takes me 2.5 hours to plan, write and up-load my blog each week. And I have two blog sites I am working on, so this is quite a time commitment. The pay-off however is enormous, as I am sharing useful content each week, from which I can also easily create Social Media posts.

2. Guest Blogging.

Find other art sites to guest blog for, as this gets you seen by a much wider audience. Once you get really good at putting your blog together you can find larger authority sites to get published on and this can drive lots of new traffic to your own site.

3. Comments On Blog Sites.

Find other relevant blogs to leave a comment under. In order to do this you will need to set up an Avatar, with your picture, name, email and website. This means that when you leave your comment, people reading it can click through to your website.

4. Write A Top 20 Blog.

This is such a powerful blog to write. I recommend leaving it till you have a good amount of content on your site (not after you’ve set up a brand new one). Then create a list of 20/30 artists you love, or blogs you follow, or any other list that means you can link to well-known people.

For example right now I’m working on a Top 20 Social Media Experts to follow. Each name will link to their site and Social Media pages. This often leads to them thanking you for writing about them and you are seen again by a wider new audience.

5. Videos On YouTube.

Why not Vlog instead of Blog? If you hate writing but find it easier to talk in front of your video camera or phone, then make a weekly video. YouTube as mentioned in a previous blog is a massive search engine and by using your main keywords your content becomes searchable.

6. Periscope Live Broadcasting.

I love the idea of Periscope and all the potential for us artists. Let people know what you are creating, and then tell them where they can find out more about you – i.e. your website.

7. Snapchat From Your Studio.

This is a bit of a new way of doing things and it’s exciting. Snapchat is an App on your phone, where you can take a photo or shoot a short video clip and send it to either one person or all your contacts. You can create funny, witty and sneak peeks into life in your studio.

8. Pins On Pinterest.

I’ve spoken a lot about the power of Pinterest and pinning great content regularly. Pinning 10+ pins per day will soon have people following you, and make sure you are pinning direct from your own blog site, so it links back there automatically.

9. Tweet About Your Art.

I love the fast pace of Twitter for artists, as you can keep people in the loop during the day with what you are doing. Use your Bio to share your website, or the timeline image.

10. Twitter Chats.

This is such a great way to speak to your fans and followers. Either join an existing Twitter Chat, or set up your own. I know an artist who swears by this method, he holds one weekly and this then sends everyone who has joined in over to his site, and often generates sales too.

So there you have it, part one of my 20 Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Art Blog. Look out for the second instalment coming next week. If you want to make sure you never miss a blog, then sign up in the box below…☺

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