20 Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Art Blog – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of 20 Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Art Blog. (Read Part 1 here…) In this article we are continuing to look at lots of different ways you can encourage new visitors to visit your site. As this is a vital part of marketing your art business and will help you to make more sales.

A lot of these ways to get traffic to your art blog involve Social Media, and I covered most of them in the previous article, but we’ll start with a couple more.

20 Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Art Blog – Part 2

20 Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Art Blog – Part 2:

11. Google Plus.

On your Google Plus profile you have the opportunity to have various links to your site and by posting regularly you can build up a good flow of traffic and new visitors. This platform is very image based, so think about creating quality, attention-grabbing pictures. Then add some intriguing text that will leave the viewer wanting to find out more…and guess where they can do that?

12. Instagram posts.

Because there are no clickable clinks when you post to Instagram most people forget that you can actually write out the full URL to your site and direct people across that way. Remind them to ‘copy and paste’ in order to get over to your site. Of course you can also use the link in your bio to point to a specific image page, or gallery and then entice them to click over.

Instagram is fast becoming a very powerful way to not only market yourself as a fine artist, but also sell directly. Therefore it’s a very important strategy to adopt as part of your List Building.

13. Joint Ventures.

For me this is probably one of the fastest ways to get more traffic to your art blog. It will take some time to find, contact and build relationships with people or companies who will happily promote you to their audience. But it’s well worth the effort.

Business is all about relationships; so drag yourself out of the studio and focus on finding the right contacts.

14. Run some Google Ads.

Here is another speedy way to build more traffic to your art blog and that is to pay for it. Google Adwords are the ads that show up in your Google search at the top of the page and down the right-hand side. You ‘bid’ for your main keyword and pay each time someone clicks on it.

Imagine you have a new collection and you set up a special offer for a limited time. Then set up ads to send people to this offer. It’s going to take some learning, but can be really worth it.

This is a really great strategy if you have an Etsy or other online shop where you are competing with a large number of similar works. You would stand out a mile by doing this.

Yes you’ll need to learn how to do this correctly, and I would suggest investing in something like an Udemy Course to learn. Search for a ‘Beginners course’ and make sure the instructor is Google Adwords Certified.

Here is an example course at $15: Udemy Google Adwords Course suggestion.

From there you can move up to intermediate and more advanced.

15. Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/YouTube Ads.

Very similar to Google Ads, except that you can also pay per result, not just per click. There are some interesting options with targeting precisely who you want to see your ad, and again you will want to learn from an expert.

I learnt Facebook Ads originally from Amy Porterfield, who is clear, simple and a Facebook expert. I recommend getting started here.

From there you can easily branch out into all the other Social Media platforms that run ads too.

16. Join groups on Facebook, LinkedIn & Google Plus.

I’m found that joining (and more importantly being active in) Groups is a really great way to get more traffic to your art blog. The rules are simple, join a relevant group, post helpful, supportive posts and offer help and interaction with others.

The result? People will start to check you out – simple. Remember don’t ‘spam’, don’t ‘sell’ and don’t ‘promote’ your work unless the group is set up to do so.

17. Go to business networking events.

So many artists miss out on building really great relationships and possible future JV partners by not going to business networking events. Yes, this might be really out of your comfort zone. But guess what…this can make the difference between you building a professional art business and not. The difference between making a solid living from your art and not.

Google your local events and go along.

18. Run a competition at art fairs

I really love this as a way to get more traffic to your art blog. If you sell at Art Fairs, then think about setting up a competition to win either an original, print or maybe a commission of some sort. (The prize needs to be easy for you and not cost you a ton of money – think of it as a marketing cost).

Then be proactive at collecting everyone’s name and email address. Make it clear that by entering they will be joining your mailing list. Draw a winner at the end.

19. Article sites

If you love writing as part of your creative expression, then this strategy could really work for you. If not, then stay away as it’s a quite a bit of work.

You’ll need to be able to create creative articles, which you then can post up on a variety of Article Site on the web. These will have a link back to your site.

You can easily find a list of the latest article sites by Goggling..:) Please note this is usually referred to as an Internet Marketing strategy, so don’t be put off if the article looks a bit complicated at first.

Here’s an example Article Sites List I found as I was writing this.

20. Press Releases online & off

When I first painted professionally, a large amount of my marketing was done by writing Press Releases, contacting all the local papers and getting published. Now you can do this online as well; they will always contain a link to your site.

In fact you can also pay to have your press releases submitted to all the online directories and relevant site. (Please note I’ve no direct experience of hiring someone to do this, but I know people who have, and they’ve had mixed results.)

As you can see from both these articles, getting more traffic to your art blog will take some effort. You may need to learn some new things, or try out some new strategies. But I can promise you this will set you apart from the rest, so is HIGHLY worth the time investment. ☺

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